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PPC/ Paid Search

I present a wide range of Paid Search services designed to meet your need in an efficient and affordable matter.

Prior to launching Pay-Per-Click campaign, I examine and establish short term or long term objectives and goals. Paid Search can generate a large amount of traffic quickly but your budget and content are involved with seeing these results. 

My 3 main questions before executing 

  1. Are you using Paid Search, If so what are your KPI'S? 

  2. What is your main objective and goal?​

  3. Is your site mobile-friendly & is your company aware of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? 

Monitoring Results

Modifying and expanding existing Paid Search campaigns with remarketing

Targeting Audience

Determining the appropriate geographic area to concentrate efforts

Engaging Content

Creating Video/Carousel ads to provide good user experience,Attract the "strangers" and  convert them to customers with leads & a noticeable CTA (Call-To-Action)


Measuring your establish goals from customer value, landing page conversion rate, mobile traffic and sales revenue.

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