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Email Marketing 

Nowadays to keep customers engaged they expect to receive valuable offers, appealing content and personalized to them. This helps builds meaningful relationships with your customers. Marketing automation is a benefit during the customer buying journey as it could help remind them they left a product in their cart or keep them up to date with the latest products on your website. With substantial experience driving effective email campaigns, I can help establish your Marketing Automation.

Services Include:

  • CRM 

  • Drip Marketing/ Trigger email setup

  • Monitoring and reporting

  • Email template design

Welcome Emails

If a customer signs up to your email sign up on your page, this is a new way  to welcome them to your business, and also a great time to offer a promo code

Product and Service Updates

Ready to launch a new product? Email automation can help trigger engagement to anyone who purchased in the past.


If your company or business work closely with influencers or suppliers you can use email marketing to communicate this way.   

Follow Ups

The backend of a sales funnels consists of keeping the customer engaged, sending weekly blog info about your business.

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