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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

5 Tips On Strong Collaboration Skills

When it comes to working in a fast-paced environment, there should be collaboration in order to reach a goal. Having strong collaboration skills is one of the most important qualifications that employers are looking for. They want to see if their employees can get the job done without their help or asking questions for each step of the process. There are different ways you can share your perspective when working in a group by mentioning your concerns on a certain topic, envisioning an idea that could help grow awareness or just building connections. Even when you’re not in the office you can communicate from apps such as Slack or Asana to throw out late ideas that you might’ve have not thought about earlier. Becoming productive can help make your team more effective and closer to becoming successful in a project.

Here are my Top 5 Tips to improve strong collaboration skills in a work office.

1. Listen and acknowledge the feelings, concerns or opinions of another person views.

-Most of the time your views could differ from your peers as they may have a new perspective or different mindset, attaining their views will gain momentum of growth-mindset instead of having a fixed mindset which is a person who rejects what people think.

2. Establish Team Goals

- The purpose of setting up these goals is to achieve a goal. Achieving goals will help build positive momentum of work to continue to attain greater outcomes. For example, improving your ROI by a certain amount for each quarter, then Improving for the whole year.

3. Encourage your workmates to communicate after work.

- This could come down to any topic or idea that you have in mind after leaving work. When you share a topic or question this gives an opportunity for others to learn more about a subject or to just toss ideas. Slack is the most effective app to use to communicate with others.

4. Work around team-members weaknesses

- If someone on your team is struggling on a certain part of a project assist them so they could leverage their strengths and become more effective. Empowering your team members is a great strategy to work with to broaden their strengths.

5. Conflict resolutions

- Conflicts can happen from time to time when based off emotions or personal experiences. To manage these conflicts or disagreements you should talk respectfully to each other, take responsibility for mistakes and not blame on others, and be willing to find solutions to the problem. Keeping this balance will make others in office more appreciative of each other and to push forward to attain their goal.

* Bonus - Rewards your team as a whole, Rewards help drive encouragement and self-confidence within one another, this also helps motivate to achieve a new goal.

Above All, employees and team members should treat each other like family and stick through thick and thin. Using these tips will help provide a better work environment and happier people in your organization.

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